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Trip towards Mangalore

I started my journey on 26th of November 2008 towards Kukke Subramanya from Bangalore. It is at a distance of around 270 kilometers from Bangalore.
Kukke Subramanya is one of the most wonderful and devotional places surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats. Lord Subramanya is the principal deity worshiped in this temple in the form of a Cobra. Kukke Subramanya is visited by lakhs of people to perform the sarpa dosha nivaran pooja. As it was offseason and also a week day there were not many people travelling in the Bus. I boarded the bus at around 9.50 pm on 26th November 2008 and reached Kukke Subramanya at 5.45 in the morning on 27th.

The temple has lot of Public resting areas (Dharma Chatras) and public bathrooms for the use of devotees travelling from long distances and also who do not get rooms in lodges. There is a luggage room facility to keep luggage and belongings. One can collect the belongings after finishing Darshan in the Temple. Receipts are issued to the luggage kept in such rooms.
As I was alone I didn’t get room in the temple owned Lodges (they give rooms only to family). However, managed to get room in a private lodge.
After taking some rest in the room (after the over night journey) went to see the temple in the morning at around 7.30am.

There is a Bhojana shala owned by the Temple where everybody is served free food everyday, 365 days a year. One can also have food in restaurants adjoining the Bhojana shala. Photography is not allowed once we enter the Temple. After going around the vicinity of the temple I left Kukke Subramanya to proceed towards Dharmasthala.
Dharmasthala is a two hour journey by bus from Kukke Subramanya and is around 70 Kms. I boarded a bus at around 9.30am and reached Dharmasthala by 11.45am. The time I was in Dharmasthala was very special, because it was festive time and its called Laksha Deepothsava. It’s the time when one lakh lamps are lit in the Temple. But one has to wait till evening to see that splendid sight.

Thousands of people had gathered in the Temple campus to get a glimpse of their Lord, Lord Shiva. I had to keep my Bag in the locker room as Bags are not allowed inside. The temple was beautifully decorated with flowers.

There was a long queue, which took me 3 hours to go into the temple. Lot of shops were set up to both the sides of the road for snacks and toys. I proceeded towards Mangalore after having snacks in one of the shops.
Mangalore is 80kms from Dharmasthala. I boarded a private bus from Dharmasthala and reached Mangalore by 5.00pm. I checked in into a lodge on Balmatta road near Hampanakatta. Hampanakatta is a center place as we can get buses or autorikshaws to other areas in Mangalore.

That evening I went to Kadari Manjunatha Swamy Temple.

We can perform Abhishekam to the Lord by carrying water which flows below the Ganesh Sannidhi on the way to Chandramouleshwara Sannidhi.

Sunset at Kadari Temple

From Kadari Temple I proceeded towards Mangaladevi Temple. I boarded Bus route no. 15 and got down near the Temple.
As it was late in the evening, couldn’t take pictures of the Temple. After the Darshan of Goddess I boarded route no. 27 and came back to my room near Hampanakatta.

The next day 28th of November I went to Gokarnanatha Temple.

The magnificent Hanuman and Nandi

From Gokarnanatha Temple I went to Someshwara Temple. The temple is on the sea shore.

After returning to the room, I proceeded to Kateel on the way to Udupi. Kateel is 29 Kms from Mangalore city. After the Darshan of Goddess I proceeded towards Udupi.

Udupi is 45 Kms from Kateel. Once reaching Udupi took a room close to the Temple. After lunch, I went to Malpe Beach. It was a beautiful sight as I reached ‘on time’ to see the sunset. Sitting on the shore watching the Sun going into the water bidding goodbye to the day and the crabs coming out of the water to go into the holes made in the shore was really amazing and worth millions.

I came back to the room and went to the temple. The sight of the beautiful MudduKrishna is available to everybody through the Kanakanakindi. Devotees perform ceremonies in a large scale daily. The offerings start in the early morning at 5 o’ clock and continue throughout the day.
Temple entrance

The chariots


Utsava moorthy in the chariot

Yakshagana organized near the Temple

I stayed there overnight and after the Darshan of the God the next morning, proceeded towards Kundapura. Kudapura is close to 40 Kms from Udupi. After taking a room near Shashtri circle in Kundapura I proceeded towards Kollur. Kollur is around 36 Kms from Kundapura. There are lots of buses to Kollur from Kundapura; the bus fare would be around Rs 25.

On my way to Kundapura, I got down near a place called Marvanthe beach. It’s an amazing view as one can see river Sauparnika to one side of the road and sea to the other side of the road.

Sauparnika River

Temple near the river

After the 3 day Trip, I proceeded back to Bangalore from Kundapura to get back to work and busy mechanical life.

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